The History Of Stevie Dunham And The Formation Of Street Corner Entertainment Records.

In 1988, Stevie Dunham, Founded Crescent Records along With the subsidiary label, Emeraldtowne Records. This label group lasted From 1988 To 1995. After this, Stevie had reformed an old group with new membership, The Emerald Dreams in Las Vegas, Nv. (1998 To 2010). In 2003, Stevie Dunham Formed The Street Corner Entertainment Record Label, similar to Crescent Records, a label specializing in 1950’s and 1960’s Vocal Group Harmony. Also through this time period, Stevie sang with a number of vocal groups; The Emerald Dreams, The Nite Kings, The Good Fellas, And The Chaperones, through different periods between 2000 through 2012. During 2012, the Street Corner Entertainment Label was experiencing A hiatus that lasted until 2016. The label at this time had not gone out of business, but rather was searching for material to plan out for release during this period Of time. In 2016 another person became a partner and the relaunch and rebuilding of the SCE label began. In 2020, that partner left, but by this time, two other subsidiary labels were formed, Chacona Records and Global Group Harmony Records.

In 2022 three more subsidiary labels joined;  Hattenberg Records and Loria Records and Vegas City Records. Today, Street Corner Entertainment is also known as The SCE Record Label Group, Or SCE Label Group.

Stevie Dunham has been in the recording and entertainment business for 35 years and counting without any thoughts of retiring. The SCE Label Group/Street Corner Entertainment has taken on another partner from Global Group Harmony Records, and in the near future, another partner is coming aboard. Street Corner Entertainment Records/SCE Group is a musician owned and operated Company that serves as a “Musician’s Co-op” It specializes in oldies, but is also involved in other genres of music. The label thrives on it’s fan base, advertising and
grass roots efforts to promote and preserve the history of specific genres of music, such as Vocal Group Harmony/Doowop, and other related and unrelated genres.

Stevie Dunham, is an entrepreneur, a singer, songwriter, record producer, music publisher, author, DJ, music historian, consultant, and record label owner. The SCE Group
is compromised of the following labels: Street Corner Entertainment, Chacona, Global Group Harmony, Hattenberg,Loria, And Vegas City Records.

The company is owned and operated by musicians and others in the music business working as a “co-op” company.

Our goal is to preserve the music and to educate fans of music through our productions of genre music.

Steven J. Dunham, (Aka Stevie Dunham)
Founder and CEO of Street Corner Entertainment/The SCE Group