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Steve Aversano - Beautiful Girl
Stevie Dunham - Diann (acapella)
Stevie Dunham - Diannn
495 East - Spanish Harlem (Acapella)
Stevie Dunham - Down on My Knees (Acapella)
The Exquisites - Since I Don’t Have You
Chaperones - Cruise To The Moon
Chaperones - Cruise Back To The Moon
Chaperones - I Found Heaven
Chaperones - Blueberry Sweet
Chaperones - Shining Star
Chaperones - Let Me Be the One (Acapella)
Chaperones - Gloria (Live)
Chaperones - Pizza Pie
Moonlites - A Thousand Miles Away
Moonlites - I Want To Be Loved
Yorke and The Actuals - The Day You Said We Were Through
Emerald Dreams - Please Let It Be You
Emerald Dreams - Sandy
Unity - Let’s Make Love
The Exquisites - Most of All
The Exquisites - Unchained Melody
Vince Vincent and The Greyhounds - Rockin’ Daddy
Vince Vincent and The Greyhounds - Chicken In A Basket
Just Friends - It’s Too Soon To Know
Ramon Altamirano - Since You’ve Been Gone
Ramon Altamirano - Daddy’s Home
Joel Katz - Don’t Say You’re Sorry
Joel Katz - No More Like Me
Stevie Dunham - Chapel Bells
Stevie Dunham - Baby
Stevie Dunham - Anything
Stevie Dunham - Along my Lonely Way
Stevie Dunham - Along My Lonely Way (Acapella)
Stevie Dunham - No Greater Love
Stevie Dunham - Let’s Not Break Up
Stevie Dunham - Night Owl
Stevie Dunham - I’m Really Too Young
Stevie Dunham - How Could You
Stevie Dunham - How Could You (Acapella)
Stevie Dunham - You Waited Too Long
Stevie Dunham - On My Merry Way
Stevie Dunham - No More
JT Morgan and Frankie and The Fashions - What Do I Have To Do
JT Morgan - Here I Am
Emerald Dreams - Window of Time
Emerald Dreams - Sad Girl
Harmony Street - Christine (Acapella)
Harmony Street - Upbeat Version
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